Saturday Shop

Saturday evenings lately I either seem to be working on location in the rain or doing my Sainsbury’s shop! Seriously need to add a bit of sparkle in my life and get some social engagements in the diary.

Talking of sparkle I’ve got two fireworks events in my diary coming up - pending not being called up to work. Oh the joy of freelancing in film and anti-social hours. I wouldn’t change it mind you.

In a bid to add some sparkle to my Saturday evening I’m listening to a Dance Anthems podcast on BBC Sounds. The music reminds me that last time I put on my dancing shoes in a nightclub was a wrap party 18 months ago!! I seem to remember it was an epic night and we rolled back to the hotel at 530am. We were all pretty knackered from 22 days of night shooting so it was a proper blow out.

I’ve already messaged my uni bestie to get this lack of dancing sorted for November. Few cocktails may be in order too...

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