By Kipsie

It's a dogs life

Eco conscious, sustainably sourced free roaming wild boar prepared with botanical herbs & superfoods. See what I mean? It's a dog's life. If the picture on the front of the bag is anything to go by there's broccoli, pumpkin, egg & a sprig of parsley plus possibly sunflower seeds perhaps accompanying the wild boar. Sounds fab, in fact I would probably give it a go if it was on the menu and I had £35, nay, having read that fish and chips in Tom Kerridge's restaurant are £32.50, make that £45 to spare. The words Eco, Conscious, Free, & Roaming, plus Botanical herbs, (like what other herbs are there if they're NOT botanical, or am i being stupid??) all add £'s, & that's without veggies, coz obviously veggies would be charged separately.  Actually thinking about it, I might just have a fish finger sandwich, at home, there's no way I'm going to pay silly money for a fish finger sarnie when I go out to dine. No, when I go out to dine I want to eat something I would'nt cook at home.

Checked in at Yogi's this morning via a quick catch up & coffee with cassiesmum, picking up the beetroot falafel I left in her freezer by mistake. Nipped over to Morrison's to return the awful sausages, & get a refund. Grabbed a few deli bits & freshly baked rolls. Back to the house then time for a walk along the Teign estuary, the tide was going out as I made my way over. A great walk, Yogi brought the ball. I was'nt going to pick up any litter today, just a pleasant walk looking at all the seabirds on the mudflats etc. Wee, the next thing I knew, there in front of me was an intact, bright orange Sainsbury's carrier bag. Blimin' 'eck! Before I got to Netherton Point, a tidal wetland area, the carrier was full to bursting. Plastic & glass bottles, polystyrene beads, aluminium cans, plastic drinking straws and thin plastic lolly sticks, the Chupa Chups kind, sweet wrappers, & polythene bags. That's what I carried back in the carrier bag. I left behind 3 odd trainers, & a football. I ran out of arms.
Had an easy dinner ... antipasti. Lazy but filling .... I did'nt want to get indigestion watching Strictly come Dancing. Silly me!

Thanks to admirer for hosting :)

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