By Kipsie

Willie & his winklies have left,

their homes just shells.
There had to be a reason to be walking the river Teign estuary again in the mizzly drizzle this morning. Yogi & I had fun, we were only going to walk down to Hearn field but got carried away, walking a  lot further. We left the house at 9.30, arrived back at 12.30. Only 2 small bags of aluminium cans, plus a bag & the 2 pockets of my waterproof jacket full of chestnuts. 2.25kg in fact. I really should take a small back pack & my Panasonic Lumix with me when I leave the house, as I always manage to find something of interest to photograph,  or rubbish, sometimes even both like today. Yogi needed another complete rinse off, not so much pongy today, just muddy. He has a dogrobe, well of course he does, he's a pampered working Cocker spaniel, although we use the word "working" loosely. He does retrieve the ball extremely efficiently so at some point he has had some training. Anyway I digress. The trick is to get the dogrobe, a rather fetching reversible number, red terry towelling/red cotton check, on him before he escapes from the shower room and shakes himself off near the interior walls, which I'm not sure are wipeable paint.  He had a fish dish for breakfast this morning, not overly keen, he left a little, so surf & turf lunch. My lunch was similar ... antipasti - hard boiled egg, German salami, avocado, hummus, tomato & tortilla chips.
I added the walk pics from my phone to FB then prepared the windfall apples I'd picked up for cooking. They pulp beautifully, perfect for sauce or a pie. Washed off the chestnuts and weighed them out of curiosity, once I'd found the scales. I found the grater today, don't need it until tomorrow but kept it out of the cupboard in case I forget where I DID find it. The joys of an unfamiliar kitchen.
Dinner was the same as lunch for me .. Feeling lazy. It filled the gap. Yogi has chicken fillet for dinner. he certainly did'nt turn his nose up at that.
Just switched the tv on here when hubby rang to say there was no electric on in the house  at home. We went through everything that it might be, but he as getting in a bit of a flap so got him to call a buddy that lives nearby. He's been to the house checked everything and there appears to be a problem with the power sockets, so no central heating, no fridge/freezer power. Fingers crossed the landlord acts promptly tomorrow morning. He's out this evening so a message has been left with his wife.  I shall be on the case first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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