By Kipsie

Are yellow & black allowed for Mono Monday?

Like paying the parking ticket slapped under my windscreen wiper earlier today, I'm going to get this over & done with early. Well I saved £25 by paying early, so not quite as painful as it might have been. We, cassiesmum, Nicky & Carolyn had enjoyed a very pleasant catch up in Shaldon. Weirdly enough, although we all arrived independently, we had parked in the same part of the street, one in front of the other. Carolyn & I both got tickets, Cassiesmum not ... Someone was certainly looking down on her. It was piddling down when I parked, I looked up & down the street looking for any restriction, non spotted so thought I was ok. Carolyn ordered the same vegan lunch for us both, we were served the vegetarian, Cassiesmum's lunch order did'nt arrive until the staff were prompted, profuse apologies when it did eventually arrive, followed by a refund, so all in all, a lunch to remember. I suggested we might like a change of venue next meet up. Did I mention it was piddling down?? lol!!

A terrible nights sleep or should I say lack of. Thought it must be nearly time to get up when I heard ducks quacking away nearby, but no it was 2.50am. Oh, blimey!!! Could'nt sleep so read a couple of chapters of the current book, eventually got back to sleep only to wake again at 6.20am.  Coffee, biscuit, book ... til 7.45am. Checked the weather forecast while eating breakfast ... rain forecast at 10am so after deciding that today would be a Keep Yogi Clean Day we headed to Hearn field in the car. He's very happy chasing a ball wherever it is. Hubby called to say the landlord & electrician had been to the house, pinpointed the problem, power sockets working once more thank goodness, the freezer is full, mainly runner beans from the allotment I hasten to add but I did'nt want to lose them. Electrician coming back tomorrow to hopefully fix the problem permanently.
Just found Angela Harknett on a food channel while I'm blipping away . Love her style & casual approach to food. Did'nt realise she worked for Gordon Ramsay. Roasted sweetbreads with pickled melon & fennel puree .. Ermmmm! Not sure if I would like that combination. Love sweetbreads, not a fan of fennel. Can never understand why you would eat fennel with fish. Fish have such delicate flavours ... perhaps it's just me. I'd eat her lemon meringue pie though :)

Pleased I decided to go for the Penalty Charge Notice blip. I was toying with the idea of nipping down to Shaldon tonight looking for some harbour/estuary reflections ... the mist is rapidly descending, Bishopsteignton has disappeared, so that would have been a wasted journey.
Dinner will be ... I'm not sure. The vegetarian breakfast was very filling, even without the fried bread and baked beans I left. There was plenty on the plate without, 2 fried eggs, 2 vegetarian sausages, fried tomato, fried mushrooms.  

Thanks to chantler63

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