By Kipsie

A spiders eye view

provided by the very talented, creative, incy wincy spider, & boy have they been busy. Beautiful bubbly, sparkly, glistening creations everywhere with this mornings dew. Zig-zaggy, straight, rectangular, triangular. Are they identifiable by their patterns, why do they differ, which/who makes the perfect web.

Another Keep Yogi Clean day - Hearn field here we come. The mist laying really low on the estuary I could'nt see very far, Yogi was being a little au contraire this morning, no idea why. We nipped straight over to Morrisons to grab hummus & yogurt, have I forgotten anything, oh yes, very pretty, frilly edged pansies. 2 x 6packs for £3. How could I resist. :)
Josie was coming over for a lino cut creative day. Well, she arrived, we had a coffee, then began discussing programmes we'd watched last evening , me, What Britain Buys And Sells In A Day, a brilliant series, so informative, I've watched 2 of the 3 episodes, Josie, Panorama - Climate Change: What Can We Do?, so lots to discuss. We had 'nt really got going on our lino cutting when it was time to stop for lunch ..homemade beetroot & nut falafel, hummus, avo, & lettuce flatbread wraps. I managed to get the oven working. Kurching!
After which we got cutting ... Jos had bought tubes of coloured inks on Amazon plus a Beginners Guide To Lino Cutting. The conclusion of this afternoons activities was that perhaps we should work through the 1-10 projects in the book in order to master the skills.

Jos left, Yogi & I had our late afternoon exercise, picked in the dog towels  & other bits of laundry I'd done earlier. All lovely and dry, including a pair of K's socks, not sure if I shrunk them in the wash, they look as if they might be expensive. They felt better dry than wet. Maybe I had'nt ruined them after all. I ruined a pair of socks before, many years ago when I was working n Sweden. They were wool, they went in a hot wash. Need I say more.
Having mastered the oven I made a quick jumbo fish finger wrap for dinner, before watching The Great British Bake Off ... nobody is safe tonight I fear.

Thanks to Barking for hosting Tiny Tuesday with the additional challenge tag 'Creative'

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