By Kipsie

Where's the ball?

Yogi is obsessed with retrieving the ball, but we left the ball behind for this morning's walk around the bridle paths, lots of puddles & Devon  red mud, but not stinky mud like the estuary. I picked lovely plump blackberries from the hedgerow. I'll make more apple & blackberry jelly/jam to eat with my yogurt for breakfast We found a tennis ball which Yogi carried all the way back... yummy!

We got back in glorious sunshine, a little cooler, but sunny, I'm not complaining. I decided to do a bit of gardening. I pruned some roses, weeded the bed, planted some pansies, replanted the Tete e' Tete daffodil tub adding some pansies. And while I'm doing this I'm also entertaining Yogi, flinging the ball around the garden. He is hilarious, wherever I'm working he drops the ball, in the garden rubbish bucket, in the rose bed .. He DOES NOT STOP. Gardening finished, I picked up some windfall apples, I'm pretty sure they're Bramleys, they pulp beautifully. They will be joining the blackberries in the pan. :- ) Time for lunch. We've been outside since 8.30am. Yogi had his usual ... Wild Boar with veggies & botanical herbs, me I had warmed up almond croissant I bought yesterday. YES , I've sussed the oven out. A well deserved coffee to go with. I pulled a few beetroot, washed them off ready for cooking. I need to make more falafel. I gave Josie my frozen stash to take home with her.
Shall I go down to Teignmouth, see what I can find for today's Wide Wednesday blip. Decisions, decisions ... Nope! I took out the lino cut I cut yesterday and spent some time tweaking it. Some of the cuts were'nt deep enough first time round. I re inked it and made another print. Much better. It's still early days, lots to learn.
I've made Cauli Boli for dinner tonight, my first time of making it so not sure how it's going to taste, but it smells good. I like a good Spag Bol so I've made it as I would make one with beef mince but subbed it for chopped cauliflower. I'm going to finish it off now and eat with linguine.

Must just tell you I was sat here last night around 10pm watching tv when the letterbox in the front door made a loud noise. Yogi barked, I thought someone had posted something through the box. I went out to check ... nothing. Very spooky!! I checked again this morning, thought perhaps someone had left something outside the front door. I did'nt open it last night, just made sure the lock was secure. Weird!

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday.

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