It Takes Two

By laurie54


(back blip #1)

I'm going to bounce around a little in posting my back blips.  I've been having a hard time posting every day but it's such a habit to take photos every day, even if it's of a bug, which is sooo out of my wheelhouse, that I can't help myself.

I've tagged this as a wasp but I am so completely flying (or otherwise) insect ignorant please feel to correct me.  I always knew hummingbirds were bee shy but apparently they don't like getting near anything else that flies and isn't a bird.

We haven't had rain since the end of September. Now the humidity has been consistently under 15%, which has been pretty nice.  The temperatures have moderated, too.  Today's high was 91°/33° and the overnight low was 59°/15° which allowed me to open the windows and sleep with that cool, fresh air.  

Now I'm on to posting my previous two days of blips, then I'll get to today (Sunday).

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