Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Flowers In A Cross

(back blip #2)

Jewel wasn't able to come today so Kay (Mom's winter caregiver in the past) was here to help me out.  I took this photo of one of the arrangements from the funeral spray.  I processed it two different ways but she liked this one because she saw something I hadn't noticed:  a cross is formed with the flowers and cupboards in the background. Do you see it?

We went out for a bite to eat for lunch with the intention of going to Sprouts afterward because  I have virtually no real food in the house other than things in a can. But my shoulder was hurting so badly that I had to go home and ice it.  I guess I fell asleep while we were watching television because I woke up in the dark covered by a blanket with a small pillow supporting my arm.  I'm not sure I said goodbye to Kay but waking up all tucked in was truly comforting.

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