Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

France, near Colmar

Last night Xena was very well behaved in our hotel room. Despite being in a car for most of the day she settled down well and when we put her to sleep in her crate she went to sleep with no problems. 

The hotel was rather basic but it worked well. I had taken an electric cooler box with some food (chicken, almond milk, goats milk...) which I planned to plug in once we got to the hotel room - but I forgot to pack a European adaptor plug. Although you can obviously buy such things in Switzerland, being in a small mountain village means we have a limited choice of things here). The hotel staff kindly let me use one of their fridges in the kitchen so that saved the day. 

We left after an early  breakfast and had another full day travelling in the car. We stopped quite often to let Xena out - we found some better places to stop today, and had lunch at one motorway service place near Colmar where there were quite a few storks flying around hoping to get food from people eating outside. It was a very warm and sunny day, in the afternoon it got to 23.5C

The French countryside looked lovely and green, with many farmers busy harvesting their crops of corn. The motorways are very good which is to be expected as the tolls are rather expensive. 

We got to Switzerland just before 6pm, and quickly took Xena for a walk before the sun set. She was very happy to run around freely again - I was very happy to smell the fresh mountain air again! There is some beautiful autumn colour here, I hope to get some photos of the colours this week.

It has been two long days - I will catch up with journals tomorrow.

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