Too long..

That's how long I've been doing this puzzle!

Drove Mollie to the railway station this morning and then parked in St Andrew's car park. It meant I could get away early, which I did at just after 4pm. The day was non eventful as I just sat and read my book at lunchtime.

I came home via the Drs surgery in Aldborough where I dropped a prescription in, and made an appointment for an HRT check up. Ironically they texted me to say it was overdue, but not that I needed one in the first place, or that they had made me an appointment. I must remember to get my crystal ball serviced.

I was the first one home. Went in to see mum and dad. Mum was fast asleep on the sofa and dad was watching tv in bed, resting after yesterday's incident. They are going home tomorrow.

I've been doing my puzzle ever since, save for a brief interlude where I heated up leftovers for dinner. Now I'm back with my puzzle, which I've been doing all year....I want to get it finished now!

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