Everyday Life

By Julez

Rubbish Shot

I took this photo of a stand in the station entrance promoting train routes and the Pilgrim heritage of the area  when heading over to my Folks today. The lass had put her phone away and was posing nicely, having noticed me getting ready to take a photo (on my phone!) Blip sorted I thought, and didn't take any other pictures. 

When I looked at it properly on the computer I wished I had! It is not good at all!

My parents' dog, Ally is becoming very over-protective of them, particularly my Dad. He rushes at me, jumping and snarling if I as much as try to pass him a cup of tea or hand him his change from shopping. I don't know what has brought about this change, as he was always friendly with me before. He's the same with Estelle, my Dad says.

I have work tonight of course. Another couple of months of this. I actually like being there, and working full time, what I don't like is everything else in my world going to ruin. I've had to cancel some social occasions and decline others, my house is even more of a bombsite than usual and I have just given up on a few other interests. I don't even cook proper meals most of the time any more! Amir is struggling in a similar way - he says he is struggling to keep up with his English studies. Working with and talking to an English person (me!) helps though.

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