Everyday Life

By Julez

Arboretum Again

This week my Dad gave me some Bramley apples from his tree. They are my favourite "cookers" so I made a crumble with them and ate some of it for lunch. It was delicious!

Later I needed to go out to collect a new inhaler from the chemist for Jae and buy a few things in town so I took the apple peel and cores into the park for birds etc. to eat. I took some shots in there as the sun put in a brief appearance as I was leaving. I know I used a shot taken here the other day but this was the only time it was not totally dull and overcast today.

I had a very long wait queuing outside the chemist. It's a small shop and only allows one customer in at a time so quite a queue had built up. While I waited some bailiffs were trying to break into a flat that is nearby. I assume they were bailiffs - they could have been thieves with an official looking clipboard as cover!

Many people in town were carrying life-size skeleton Halloween decorations around town today!

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