Strange Creatures

It was a day that took me hither and yon. And somehow, for just a few minutes, I ended up at Harner Farm, checking out the pumpkins and assorted Halloween finery at their little farm market along Whitehall Road.

As I'd driven by, I'd noticed a very strange creature indeed, and I had to go and photograph it, along with its children. By the corn patch (and corn maze, of course), a weird, bearded creature sat upon a tree stump. Strange days indeed!

There is another item of note for this day: I stopped at the Arboretum to visit the pumpkins, which are glorious right now. And I will show you those soon, I promise.

But the main event I arrived for was the removal of all of the tender lilies from the lily pond. You see, we've had hard frost here these past few mornings, and the day of the lily pond has passed.

The several men who were working there had all of the water lilies up and out of the water, all lined up along the edge of the lily pond. Right in front of me, like a shining pink beacon (see the extra photos), sat one of my favorite lilies of all, in wide open full bloom.

So I snapped a few photos and said my sad, sweet good-byes. So long, my dear ones. Sleep well, my darlings. I will look forward to seeing you again next year!

Since I have two photos for this posting, let's have two songs. Here is one for the photo above: the Doors, with People Are Strange. And here is one for my pink water lily in the extras: Emmylou Harris, with Goodbye, from her fabulous album Wrecking Ball. In this video, she sings the song with Steve Earle, who wrote it.

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