Going further north

From Newcastle to Edinburgh by train is only an one and an half hour ride. Lady Findhorn was already awaiting us in the main concourse of Waverley station. In a short moment I thought about sitting quietly next to her on the bench, but reacted too slowly, she already had spotted us and jumped up in surprise.
We then walked to the Dower House. The Meadows looked like looking at a real life blip, where the people on the Walk really are on their way.

We went to Söderbergs for snug lunch. It's been two years ago since we have seen each other, there's a lot to talk about. Before we knew it it was time for us to go back to South Shields. A pity actually, because we could chat much longer.
We left, but of course not without a perfect blip of the day and after I accepted the challenge to draw a helicopter by heart.
I'll spare you the latter.

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