By flavia13


More sorting out photographs this morning.  Then catching up on the Composition - Beyond Basics and EDPS Camera Club sessions (almost there now).

This afternoon started off packing things away in the lounge.  As I eventually get my state pension (only 6 years in the waiting) next year, we want to start re-decorating the place, starting with the most important room - the lounge.  So start this off on Monday we're having this fireplace ripped out and a new fire and surround installed.  I actually quite like this fireplace but it is very old fashioned, which would be great because I am too, but it doesn't go with our furniture.  More  importantly though, that gas fire is a guzzler and not eco friendly at all. 

We looked into our options, I was going to go for a log burner but apparently they're not good for the environment.  Definitely didn't want electric so that left another gas one.  The one we have have chosen is more eco  friendly than the current one and actually looks like a log burner.  We really don't have the actual fire on very often anway as the room is usually warm enough with radiators but it's nice to light it sometimes for ambience and when it's really cold to have a bit of extra warmth.

Now planning on were to go tomorrow after Hubby's dental appointment, depending on the weather.  

Thanks for dropping by again, I do appreciate it when you leave comments and view my journal.  Take care and see you all tomorrow. 

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