My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

What's that?

We had a trip up to Manchester this afternoon for Owen's first routine Outpatients TOF clinic.

Surgical, Respiratory, and Dietician were all there to give a multi-factorial review and Owen tried his best to keep everyone entertained. He's been doing well with his eating in terms of appetite and is still gaming weight properly but he has been having a bit of reflux, despite the meds, and has started to show signs of tightening again, being a bit uncomfortable with the swallowing at times, especially thicker foods. It was agreed to get him back into hospital next week for another stretch, have a look further down to see if the reflux is causing problems and take a few biopsies. The respiratory consultant then wants to have a look at him to make sure his lungs are clear after the surgery as he sounds a bit rattly just now.
It's been a while....

This was all after I took him shopping and had to improvise* as I didn't have a coin to unlock a trolley.

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