Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


The reedbeds seemed completely empty early this morning on my walk, but they never are.  There were no squirrels, robins, heron, kite, swans, foxes, woodpeckers, tits or finches.  But turning down the dead-end path to the pond, what should I see in the distance but the head of a deer poking up from the grass.  It was only as I began very slowly walking towards her that I realised her kid was on the other side of the path.

I've seen this pair before.  The kid is much more nervous than mum and the shots I got of it were a bit far away, but mum was more curious than anything (see extra).  Isn't she a beauty?

Of course this made my day and I've been so hard-pressed wondering what to do with the rest of it I actually landed up doing the cleaning!!  And I still haven't decided about tomorrow, but that will partly depend on how well the trains are working.

Have a fabulous weekend  xx

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