Too frit to try tasting!

Spotted these when I opened the curtains this morning and photographed them straight away, while the sun was catching one of them full on. It's alternated between sun and ferocious thundery downpours with 55mph winds. The wind broke one of the stems, so had no qualms flipping it over to help identify it - and provide a third image taken late afternoon.

I think they're Agaricus langei. If I'm right* - and there is a telltale pinkish tinge where one's broken - then they're edible, but I daren't test my theory,  based on my tiny Collins Gem Guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools. Hoping a blipping fungi expert can confirm or correct my identification!

*EDIT: I don't think I am right. Thanks to blippers who've pointed me to a more likely identification: a Parasol Mushroom (Lepiota procera).

Still very windy, though probably nearer 40mph now. Except for snapping these fungi, I've not been out of the house. But I have begun a 1000-piece jigsaw. That'll keep me busy over the weekend. Have a good one, blipmates!

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