By biddy

Morning photo. Autumn colour.

I took the photo before breakfast. 
This morning I designated for some necessary cleaning, 
Hubby always knows when I'm doing it as I find it such a chore. 
Yet after cleaning the bathroom I always feel I've manged to achieve something! 
The bedrooms were next,  but I went into our "office" (being the smallest bedroom that we altered years ago, and I get easily distracted from cleaning!) I began to sort out some old maps on the shelves. The type that fold out into larger maps you can spread out on the floor. I got distracted by them, so the vacuuming had to wait!. 
There were also various maps of France, as we have done a lot of driving there over the years. Back down memory lane I went!
City maps of San Francisco, Paris, Boston, New York, Dubai and their transport systems. 
 Lake District maps for walking the fells, Yorkshire Dales for the  same reason, Cornwall...........
I took them all out to put them in the recycling bin for paper. 
Then hubby asked what I'd been doing and promptly took them all out again! 
We won't be using them again but he  wants to keep them because he said "I like them" 
NO answer to that. 
We walked into our local town through the Park. 
After a coffee, and purchasing some printing inks, as our printer is running low, we came back on the bus  which was soon filled with the local secondary and grammar schools pupils.   
  Dark now at 6.00pm and rain spattering on the window.  

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