By pensionspoet

A day off!

Today I had the day off...that is two fridays in a row. I could get used to that (although not with my current employer, who wont allow any part timers to have Monday or Friday off. I know. Archaic isn’t it?) Anyway, I got up at the usual time, did two loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom and tidied a bit.

At 10ish we drove over to Fakenham to meet up with old friends Polly and Richard. We met for coffee, followed by a nice lunch, and then drove to the races.

There we spent an enjoyable couple of hours wasting our money (but not much) on betting. Only the last horse Jon bet on, came in. The odds were very low, but we agreed it was better to leave on a high. It had rained heavily just before, so we were a bit cold too. So we didn't see the last 2 races, but those we did see were exciting and it was a good place to catch up with friends. We were able to get back in time to pick Henry up from work, and then went to Cromer to do the food shopping.

Home now and not hungry, after the big lunch. So a bit of tv this evening. I must be getting old when I stay in to watch Gardeners World on a Friday night!

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