By pensionspoet

A productive day

I should begin by explaining that the bottle of gin featured, was full at 8pm and it is now 11.30. My friend Karen, who i haven't seen since we moved here, has come to visit me today. It has been a lovely day (remember I am writing this after half a bottle of gin!!)

I'll go back to the beginning. I woke at 7 and was out for my weekly run before 8. I can't run in the week so it has become a once a week thing. I ran 4k or maybe 5k. The watch said 4 and phone said 5 - how can they be so different.

I was pleased either way. At 8.30 the builder came. The final part of our building project was about to be completed. Cutting through from the dining room to the garage, to access the cloakroom. I took Henry to have his hair cut in Sheringham. Then Karen arrived.

We had coffee, chats, talked about our lovely kids who have all made us proud (Daniel and Luke were in the same class at school and so were Mollie and Amie) but of course Henry makes us proud too and was the only one who was here to meet Karen this weekend.

We had a nice afternoon in Cromer, chatting and drinking tea/coffee. Back home we were pleased with the final result at home. The builder has cut through and left now for Jon to fit the frame and door. I am so pleased. A toilet that we can access. It is going to make such a huge difference!! I've been smiling.

We went out for fish and chips and since then have drunk a lot of gin and done lots of the puzzle.

We have had a lovely day. Thank you Karen for coming up to see me, spend time with me, telling me about your lovely family, and spending an evening with me. Thank you lovely. And omg thank you for the gin....

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