By pensionspoet

The Archers puzzle - finished!!

Mostly thanks Mollie who is so good at puzzles, and started it with me earlier in the year, and then to Karen and a lot of gin last night. Who knew gin was so conducive to puzzle completion!? This evening, Henry helped me with the last of it. It’s a really nice one. But now ready to go back in the box.

Today I’ve done very little. A bit of cleaning up the dust, but there is still a lot to do. Jon has built the frame for the doorway, but needs to chip a bit more out. Then I did some weeding in the garden, but there is a lot still to do. I’m hoping for another few nice weekends so that I can clear the weeds fully on one side of the garden.

Cooked a roast dinner for 4 and then FaceTimed Mollie. I do love to see her - the ipad was my best purchase ever where that is concerned, and I was able to take her through the hole in the wall to show her the new entrance to our cloakroom!!!

World on fire now, then bed!

P.s. not drinking gin again for a long while.

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