By pensionspoet


One of the vases of roses that Karen bought me. There were so many, they filled two vases.

Today, I'm almost over my gin induced hangover, almost! Had a short day at work, but there is a lot of work. Tomorrow I will aim to get in earlier. Our pension clinics begin tomorrow- we meet with pension scheme members to answer their questions, and go through various aspects of their pensions. This all happens during this one week every year. It is a busy, tiring week. I don't particularly enjoy it!!

I left work just after 4, was home at 5.20 and cooked a chilli for dinner while Jon and Henry were down the gym.

After dinner, friend Sarah and her husband Mark and their boys, plus their lovely 3 year old black lab Bella, came to spend a couple of hours with us. They love this area and are staying in Cromer for a couple of days. It was a really nice catch up, and is always nice to see them. Also it was a chance to show off our hole in the wall, and cloakroom. So of course, we were chatting so much I forgot to take their photo! Sorry Sarah. I hope you enjoy your day in Cromer tomorrow:)

A bit of tv, but then bed and my book!

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