Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Goodbye to Switzerland

I slept so badly last night that when I woke up I felt exhausted. It may have something to do with the high altitude that I am not used to. 

After breakfast we had our final walk, past a stream that had some good flowing little waterfalls. It was dull today and as we finished our walk it started raining. I packed up and then quickly made food for our journey home - I do not want to rely on French services again. I made my usual quinoa salad with chicken as with the plug in fridge box in the car it will last until tomorrow. Gavin dropped our friends at the station then came back to load up the car and we left. 

We stopped off for lunch just before the border before we left Switzerland, at a Marchè, they are superb eateries where you can choose a meal from various food stations, all fresh and delicious. We both had soup and a salad. 

It rained the whole journey and we finally arrived in Metz at about 7pm where we are staying overnight. We have a very nice room, larger than the last one when we came out, and Xena has settled in and seems to be okay.

In other news Thomas scored a try in his college rugby match today - it was the big game of the season between the top two college rugby teams, and his college won! They were top of the college league last year and could possibly do well again this year. Just to explain, at Cambridge University sport is played between the various colleges, as well as at university level between various universities. He is enjoying the rugby so much that he now plans to play for a university rugby team next term, inanition to his college team, as Adam does.

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