Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Walks, meeting and eating

Xena had a bit of an upset tummy this morning - I guess that is what happens when you eat cow poo! We had a pleasant walk with our friends after breakfast, over the back of the golf course and along the stream. It was rather chilly this morning. Back home for coffees and then we left to go to Malans to attend a meeting. 

Xena was amazing at the meeting - she sat in the corner of the room eating her bone and was so well behaved. I suppose if you get dogs used to being out and about you can take them anywhere, and of course in Switzerland you can take dogs anywhere. After the meeting we had lunch - it was warm enough to sit outside on the terrace of the restaurant and it was very pleasant. I fed Xena her lunch there (she is still fed three meals per day) and after that she settled down and was so well behaved.

After the lunch we went home and took Xena out for a walk. It seemed to warm up as the afternoon wore on, and we got beautiful late afternoon light. The scene in this image reminded me of the Lake District. There was a pop up mountain bar on our walk, where we stopped for a drink - Xena had her first beer! (no, of course not but it made a funny image) I have included extras - one of the train leaving our village, and of the little bar and Xena.

We leave tomorrow to drive back to the UK. Our friends leave late morning by train to go back to Zurich so we are only leaving at about midday and will stop over in France on the way home. It has been a very short but wonderful visit with very good weather.

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