By Kipsie

Winged bean/Asparagus pea flowers ...

Don't think I'll be getting a crop of beans this year so I can put my recipes away, but the plants are really strong, the pretty pea flowers an unusual colour, so I'll just need to plant earlier next year for any chance of making my Thai Wing Bean salad (Yum Tuapu). 
Yesterday (back blip) morning I met the girls I'm going away on holiday with in a couple of weeks to discuss what, where, & when at a local garden centre. Two ex work colleagues from our days of all working together at Fermoy's Garden Centre work there now so we said hello and had a quick catch up with them. Sally was busy merchandising Xmas .. BAH HUMBUG!!! Xmas is big business for garden centres these days. I thankfully only dealt with poinsettias & lives trees during my time in the plant department. We sorted our arrangements, all of us coming away with a little list, mine to contact the RSPB, find out if there is anything of interest happening in Bath, or Bristol, AND recipes for non alcoholic cocktails.  Back home for lunch then I attacked the spare bedroom. It needed a serious tidy up. The weather perfect for such a job. Ben & Sopha are stopping over locally on their way down to Cornwall. We met them plus Andy & Jodie for dinner at The Phoenix. Good company, good food, & great evening.

Thank to Anni/BikerBear for hosting

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