By Kipsie

Honey fungus ..... grh!!!!

An ornamental tree had been cut down in the back garden before we rented, the fungus did'nt disappear. It keep appearing, I keep dowsing it with Jeyes fluid............... I feel I'm fighting a losing battle.

Not long after I advertised the fact that I was having a pop up plant sale today, with a few pics of the plants, the messages began. Dangling a pic of some Heuchera generated the interest. I'd sold £38 of plants, (all heuchera) before I opened up at 11m this morning. When I opened the curtains at 7.20am & saw the mizzle I wondered whether it was such a good idea but the day brightened as time went on. Breakfast, shower, time to get going. Fetched the paper, dropped off a bundle of clothes to the Salvation Army bank in the car park.
Back home I moved plants etc. around to make plenty of space for social distancing in the back garden. Arranged the trays of plants, made the signage, , got the kitty together. First customer arrived 10.50 ... A good sign :-) .. Two hours later I'd met some lovely locals, exchanged horticultural banter, as one does, & sold £64.50 worth of plants. All funds to Rowcroft Hospice. I was very pleased. Dangled the carrot with the promise of more Heuchera, Salvia varieties, species pelargonium, & Jacobinia in the Spring. I loaded the car, dropped the trays of plants back up to the allotment. My old school friend, Gerry was weeding her plot. Funny maid! Shes never married, worked for the Fire Service in the office since forever, worked all the way through Covid, alone in the office, doing payroll etc.  Does'nt have internet at home so HAS to go into the office to work. Her oven does'nt work, too old to get a replacement part, but she does'nt want to change it as it's got an eye level grill. As I said funny ol' maid!  We had a chat, I helped her harvest the squash & pumpkins as she did'nt have secateurs or scissors to cut the fruits. Unloaded the trays of plants, gave Gerry one of my composter bins, surplus now that I've got myself organised.
Back home, late lunch, the sun came out, so I carried on fart assing, (a form of fartnarkling??)  about in the garden. Patio table & chairs back on the patio. Time for a cider .. only 16:15 but I feel like rewarding myself for a successful day. I caught up with an episode of Your Art In Their House then it was time to make dinner. Roast chicken & veggies followed by apple crumble & custard.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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