Still Rockin'

By RockArea


A lovely morning with a colourful sunrise. Nice to see but not for a photograph because it was behind the modern(ish) roof of a nearby house.

I went out a bit later and drove up the Teign valley road. The river is lovely up this way but there aren't many places that you can stop safely. It would probably be better to do it by bike but even so the traffic tends to come fast. I did find a farm gate set back a little from the road and I managed to reverse in out of the way.

I crossed the road and walked a little way to get onto the river bank.There are a lot of branches hanging over the bank making it difficult to get a clear shot without wading out at this time of year. Down the bank a little way a small tributary meets the main river and I perched on the bank to take this image of a small natural weir. I took various shots with different length exposures but this one is a blend of two taken from the same position.

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