By Ridgeback13


A last breakfast in Toronto at a busy little place with very friendly staff and fellow customers. Asking around to find out if the uni library would be open today I got chatting to a young actor from NYC who was here for a wedding-turns out he lives 2 blocks from where we stayed last year!
The bartender gave me a complimentary mimosa which was very jolly then I headed off to the library but no lockers there. Instead I managed to stow my case in the museum then headed downtown via a bit of window shopping to get V’s chocolates and then back to get some maple syrup and a few sweets etc before collecting my case and repacking it. I spent most of the day wandering whilst listening to Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments-seemed appropriate for Canada! So far I’ve been enjoying it although less of a sense of shock in reading it than when The Handmaid’s Tale came out.
Went into the Bata shoe museum and enjoyed browsing through the shoes from ancient times (when woven from hair!), through Chinese shoes for bound feet, to futuristic new designs. This was from a special exhibition on shoes from the depression years....apparently designs get outrageous in difficult financial and political times so we should be in for a treat in post Brexit Britain on the shoe front....
Rather than working in the library I decided to go to the airport a bit early and settled down to do a couple of hours and made some good progress-but my goodness what a busy couple of weeks I’ve got coming up!
Hoping for a lot of sleep on the plane-we’ll see!

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