Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Little 'shrooms

Gavin left home very early this morning to go to Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm (in 2 days), so it is back to work for him and back to my usual routines after our lovely break in Switzerland.

 Xena's body clock has not changed yet from the 1 hour time difference between here and Switzerland, as she always wakes up at 8.30am like clockwork and today she was awake at 7.30am! She also has been an absolute devil today, jumping up all the time and biting. She is teething - the breeder told us last week that her sister had started losing teeth, and today when I was washing her blankets from her bed I found a tooth, so that will also explain why she is extra bitey at the moment. The jumping up is driving me crazy and I am trying everything to stop it - when she gets really awful I either give her time out in the utility room or I leave the room. Let's hope she improves by tomorrow as the dog/house sitter is coming to stay for one night as a test run for when we go away in November.

It was awful weather today, raining for most of the day and grey and dull. I found these wet mushrooms in the woods, they were glistening in the rain but in a very dark corner of the woods.

I managed to get the doctor for a routine checkup, shop for groceries, and have two walks with Xena and not get too wet! Caught up with the ironing too.

Tonight I will probably treat myself to watching a movie on Sky. I started watching the much talked about Catherine the Great with Helen Mirren on Sky TV and found it very disappointing, in fact I cannot see why she was chosen for that role. 

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