Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Full of attitude

Apologies to the arachnophobes out there (I used to be one of you), but this tiny Jumping Spider was just too cute to pass up today.  I actually haven't seen a lot of them this year so when I spotted this little guy, it sent me flying into the house for a macro lens, extension tube and monopod.  We had quite a nice photo shoot before my model decided he'd had enough and rappelled down into the planter.  You can see a bit of his "line" attached to his foreleg in this photo - he'd done a couple of experimental drops before taking the full plunge.  He is on a rather small zinnia, just to give you an idea as to how tiny he is.  

For a day that started out gloomy, it has turned into a perfect fall day.  Which demanded some time out in the garden.  When I walked out the door this morning, I flushed an Eastern Towhee from the patio - that would have been a great addition to my YardBirds 2019 project as it's not species I usually get in the yard.  Well, maybe another day.  

Hubs and I had the pre-admitting meeting with the staff at the new nursing home this afternoon - I walked away very impressed and feeling like she will be in excellent hands.  The facility is undergoing a renovation and is taking a new approach to care of their long-term residents using a "neighborhood" concept where each wing is treated like it's own neighborhood with its own dining room, activity room and staff.  It allows for the nurses and aides to know the residents on a more personal level as well as promoting a sense of community among the residents.  Seems like a wonderful concept to me.  

Got my 3 miles in at the gym this morning - in just slightly under 45 minutes which meant that I did some jogging.  I don't usually jog or run as I really like to think I'm not designed for it.  But it actually felt pretty good today.  Not that I plan to make a habit of it...

Happy Monday, and thank you for the love on my forlorn flower yesterday.  


PS:  Another view of the little jumper HERE

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