Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Miriam! I can see you!

If ever a scene needed to be photographed, this was it.   The smaller lady beetle was securely tucked into the petals of the zinnia while the larger one was meandering ... as one does.  I think they are both Asian multi-spotted lady beetles, a non-native species, although I can't be sure without seeing Miram's head.  And I really didn't want to disturb her.  Not to mention, lady beetles can nip you if you irritate them.  Since I was recently nipped by a dragonfly, I saw no need to try my luck with a lady beetle. Anyway, here's my humble offering for this week's TinyTuesday with thanks to Barking for hosting.

I spent some time this morning watching a large flock of cedar waxwings and robins (with a few warblers, sparrows and starlings for good measure) feasting on the berries in our cedar trees.  Conditions for photos were wretched as they are still feeding up high in the trees - and against a cloudy sky, there is nothing good that can come of those photos.  Another day.

Hubs and I hit the gym today.  It was a weights/stretching day for me with 15 minutes on the rower.  Felt good; felt strong.

Craziness abounds with politicians the world over.  Has anyone been keeping up with the Royal Consort in Thailand?  The whole notion of consorts seems so medieval.  She seems such a modern woman in so many ways...excepting the whole consort thing.  Still, it provides a nice distraction for our own country's embarrassing politics.

Happy Tuesday.


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