Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


The bedraggled remains of a zinnia with the what's left of our fall foliage in the background.  Not my usual shot, but I wasn't having luck with birds today.  Truthfully, it was raining steadily much of the day and I wasn't all that motivated to sit in the hide waiting for some action.  So, I took advantage of my perch in the hide to assess my surroundings. I spotted this withered zinnia with the muted fall colors behind it, took a few shots, retreated to the warm, dry house.  I like this for some reason.  

The day started by sleeping in a bit, then a nice long chat with my parents who are settling in for their first winter in Oregon in many years.  Like us, they are having a wet, cool day so were planning indoor activities.  Which isn't easy for my parents who are used to being outside walking and/or geo caching for much of the day.

After talking to the parents, I went to the gym and dutifully got in my fifth day of the week.  Two weight sessions this week and a little over 10 miles on the treadmill.  Job done.  

Hubs is with his mum right now and will be home later in time for dinner (tea for you Brits).  I'm doing a noodle bowl tonight with some Thai seasonong.  Quick and easy.

And tomorrow starts what promises to be a busy and probably hectic week.  

Thanks for stopping by.  


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