Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hairy Arsed Fly

Well, no that is not the scientific, or even common, name but it suits, doesn't it?  This is actually in the Blow Fly family - a Common Green Bottle Fly.  Although they are known for feeding on dead or decaying matter, they are also good pollinators as they travel around the garden. As flies go, they are rather pretty with their brilliant metallic colors ranging from green to copper.  But the perhaps a bit of tweezing on the backside...If you'd like to see a close up of the compound eyes, have a look in Extra.

Errands and grocery store this morning.  Then Hubs and I went for a lovely walk in the nearby State Park.  Several miles just enjoying clear blue skies and lovely fall-like temps.  Hubs is now attending to some fall chores in the yard and I am getting ready to take a little nap.  I'm feeling a bit under the weather again - not sure if it's allergies or the onset of the cold that Hubs had - either way, I'm low in energy. 

Happy Saturday...


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