Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hello Nashville!

It's been a few years since I last recorded a Nashville Warbler in my yard, so it was nice to spot this little guy this morning.  Like most warblers, he moved 1) quickly, and 2) erratically, making a clean shot challenging.  For the briefest of moments, he hopped to the top of the cherry tree, with the golden maples in the background - done!  This is yard bird #41 in my visual record this year.  And in Extra I am going to put #42, a Northern Mockingbird.  It has been at least 5 years since I've had a mocker in the yard, so that was a nice treat.  He was busy eating the poke berries - yum.

There were at least 15 Purple Finches in the yard this morning which is the largest number I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.  And, many Pine Siskins as well.  Making for a very happy photographer.

We had a Zoom call with the director of the facility where MIL lives this morning.  They had two staff members test asymptomatic positive last Thursday so are back into full lockdown/Phase Red.  A huge disappointment as we were going to be able to visit her inside starting Friday.  However, no residents have tested positive which is good news.  And now we will again wait the required six weeks until the facility goes to Phase Yellow.  Sigh.

After the Zoom call, I loaded the (new) kayak onto my car and headed to the nearest lake for some water therapy.  Nothing interesting to photograph, so I just paddled for about an hour.  It was nice to be out on the water.  

Tomorrow I'm meeting the same birder friends I saw last week for another walk.  It will be nice to be out.  Planning to take full advantage of this week's warmer temps!

Safe. Sane. Kind. Loving...


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