By Veronica

Rainy day

More rain than we've ever seen in Almuñecar before. It absolutely pelted down, luckily after we'd left Spanish class and installed ourselves in what's said to be the best Asian restaurant in Almuñecar. All I can say is, the others can't be very good. To be fair we had a cheap menu del día, total 25 euros for three courses each and a couple of beers, so it was certainly value for money. Handily, it stopped raining just as we paid the bill. These exotic flowers were just outside -- anyone know what they are?

In the evening I went to choir practice with sometime blipper guiri and her partner F. I enjoyed it and will be back, but it was hard work: two hours sight-reading and trying to follow rapid-fire Spanish. Their new director seems very good though. Home, bed.

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