Stags Horn or Candlestick Fungi

A late afternoon walk in Ayton Wood where I continued to find impressive amounts of fungi, including some Wood Blewitts.  (Do I risk cooking one?  The books say cook well, but they disagree with some people!  I’m confident of the identification.). I find these outings are a good way to switch off, useful yesterday as I’d been doing some final thinking about Saturday’s conference with Tony & Eva Worobiec.

I managed to plant the rest of my bulbs into pots yesterday after Tai Chi, so another good job done.  Mike Berry ARPS was our speaker at the camera club and I enjoyed his talk much more than I expected.  It was less of a travelogue and more about vision and how he sees the world, which was a refreshing change.  I really liked some of his artistic interpretation and use of colour and line though my links with Development Education make me ask questions about his focus on the housing of poorer people in Hong Kong.

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