Keith B

By keibr

Food for the Soul

We took a walk today, along the first (starting from the south) section of the High Coast Path, Lövik up to the top of Kulberget and the shelter there.
The walk up was lovely, especially as we emerged into the more open birch forest near the top of the hill. All the way up we were just knocked out by the beauty. The beauty of the day, of this wonderful autumn, of the walk itself, and finally of the view from the shelter near the high point of the walk (see extra).
Both Jan and I are very happy we had Lis visiting, among other reasons because we'd probably have worked in the garden today and missed this wonderful outing if she wasn't here.
On the way down we met and chatted with Bengt-Åke Lindquist, a lovely man who runs Lövik Bed & Breakfast with his wife.
Later in the day we went to FilmStudio and watched a Japanese film, Shoplifters. As it finished we were all a little baffled but as the evening wore on we thought and talked about it, until we realised we'd just seen a brilliant film and would like to see it again. Peter Bradshaw gave it 5 stars in his Guardian review .
What a lovely day - food for the soul in so many ways.

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