Keith B

By keibr

It's change-over time....

The weather has got distinctly colder again and the forecast shows the temperature falling below 0, and promised precipitation is shown as sleet, or as they say in Swedish; snow mixed with rain.  Since we have two cars it made sense to put winter tyres on to one of them, so when the snow comes we can switch over directly.
This picture shows the winter tyres with their metal studs, as I was finishing off the front wheels. Soon after, the back wheels were done too.
I spent the rest of the day doing various garden jobs, preparing for winter. It actually feels like we are ready for winter now, an unusual feeling at this time of year.
As I finished writing this I returned to the weather forecast. Now they are predicting warmer weather for the next ten days and when the precipitation comes, a week from now, it's forecast to be straightforward rain, no snow mentioned. So it looks like this car will be waiting in the garden for a while.
I noticed the day before yesterday's blip was not in place so in a few moments I'll be backblipping that.

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