An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


A very good friend bought David and me this beautiful Caithness glass paperweight for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  It is so beautiful, with a stunning swirling glass Scottish thistle floating above the Lion Rampant (The Royal Banner of Scotland) 

It has quickly become one of my favourite possessions and whenever I feel stressed, I like to hold it in my hands (carefully I might add, it's heavy!) and focus on it's beauty and how the cool the smooth glass feels in my hand. 

It's become a bit of a talisman and brings a certain calm.   I've been holding it a lot recently as we wade deeper and deeper into the Brexit mire.  

When I began my journal eight and a half years ago, I made the decision not to discuss politics in it, as I wanted it to be an escape of sorts from the harshness of real life.  I don't intend to change that decision but some days one just wants to scream what the actual f*ck?!!!!!  at the terrible state of affairs, and today was one of them. 

Thankfully the thistle helped :-))

Anyway, that aside, after the last few days of relative inertia, today has been fairly productive.  

David picked Alan's pal Andrew up and brought him over for the day.  

He was only in the door two seconds before he couldn't contain himself any longer and told me that he had great plans for our "annual holiday next year."   Apparently he thinks he and Alan should go to Dublin for a week.  It would be lovely if David and I could go too but if not, he's sure Alan and him would have a great time, just the two of them and a couple of members of The Dream Team (as he calls Alan's support Workers :-))  What a lad!  :-))

I suggested that perhaps it could be a lads holiday and David could join them and I would stay at home.  That went down well with Andrew some people but not so much with David others.   Hahahahahahahaha!

Regardless, it did get us into thinking about next summer and Alan going a bit further afield on his own, as this year's trip was such a great success.  Watch this space.

Alan, Andrew and Jordan headed out for the day and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the study.  

David had a bit of a clear out in there last week, putting a pile of stuff into the loft, so I went in to take stock of the Christmas gifts I've already bought, and gather them together in the one place.  I don't want to lose track of who I have bought for or I will end up buying for them again, and end up in a right pickle.

That done, I then spent some time clearing my desk and getting rid of a load of useless paperwork that just seems to gather and multiply.

There was also great excitement this afternoon when wallpaper samples that I had sent away for (for our soon-to-be refurbed bedroom and ensuite) arrived (yes that's the kind of thing that gets me excited these days!  lol)

Of the five samples I requested, there was one I was really looking forward to seeing.  It's kind of abstract and the colours remind me of the beaches on Harris...white, pale blues, sea greens...and I couldn't wait to see it in the flesh.  

 I opened the sample and it was everything I hoped it would be, just enough colour, just enough pattern (the pattern is achieved by putting salt on top of the ink as the wallpaper is printed, an effect I love in watercolour painting and have experimented with in the past) perfect in fact.  Couldn't wait to show it to David.  

I called him through to the garden room, to the best light, and held it against the wall for him to look at.  He stared and stared, poker faced.  

"Well?" I said. 'What do you think?! 
 "It looks as though damp and mould are growing up the wall" he replied.  "What??!!!  No it doesn't!!!"  I retorted, indignance raising my voice an octave or two, at the same time my heart sinking as I realised he was right.


I still like it though but sadly it will never see a wall in this house.

There is another sample we both like so that's top of the list at the moment but not a given as yet.

One of the other samples I chose as a wild card as it's a wacky and fun and appealed to my sense of the ridiculous.  No good for my intended purposes but by sheer fluke (or perhaps subliminal thinking) it turns out to be a perfect match for the colour of the panelling in the wc.   

The wc is not on the decorating list but I've never been entirely happy with the wall colour in here, feeling it a bit insipid.  The wall paper could never be described as insipid!  It would definitely make a STATEMENT!  

To my surprise David liked that sample in there too but is a bit of a woos when it comes to statement wallpaper more conventional than me so hasn't committed to it as yet.  I am hoping that since I have accepted his rejection of my choice of wallpaper for upstairs, I can persuade him to go with this...oooo excited!  :-))  

And talking of decor, I looked back at my blip from this date three years ago and THIS was happening - shudders - so glad that is all behind us!!


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