By Kipsie

Golden brown texture like sun ............

courtesy of the maple leaves picked up in The Range car park this morning. Tree line provided by the view from Ella the Wonderdog's lounge window this evening.

Yep, I'm in Torquay chillin with Ella til Saturday. Her folks have gone up the line for a birthday dinner & stop over, but before I arrived here I had to swing by to pick up some bits I'd left at Yogi's pad last week. He had his dressing gown on, looking super handsome, the minute he spotted me he went off to fetch a ball then he sat down plonking his bum on my feet. I was'nt going anywhere lol!! Thought I'd take a shortcut through the lanes to Torquay, absolutely no idea where I would come out but as it happened quite handy for popping into The Range to buy some lino for a days creating tomorrow. No lino sheets, only complete kits. Pleased I popped in today and not made a special journey tomorrow. I dd pick up some pretty maple leaves so not a completely wasted visit.By the time I arrived here above Cockington the sun was shining and it was turning into a glorious day. Nicky headed off after getting me up to speed with Ella's needs, she's a bit off her food,  does'nt fancy the cooked sausages or chicken. I blitzed some of the bacon & veggie soup that I brought with me thinking it might be nice and tasty for her, she ate a little. She wanders about quite a bit, going out into the garden, then back in, then out ... dementia :(  She's 17 years old, a great age for a little dog. She's a Lakeland terrier, a real character, deaf, & virtually blind, BUT she spotted me using the Vileda steam mop, giving it a quick half hearted snarl today. She's the little rascal who grabbed hold of the sweeping brush when I was here once before, & would'nt let go. She went in the cupboard with it..... just long enough to get bored, then I let her out.

Hubby arrived so we had a quick lunch then headed up to Babbacombe for mooch. I found a pair of black Footglove label shoes, £6 in Animals In Distress charity shop, plus a big sloppy jumper, size 18, I'm size 8/10, so I'm talking major SLOPPY. I just loved the colours, from the Rowcroft Hospice charity shop. That was £4. Two bargains, I'm a happy bunny. A quick shop in the Coop then back to base. An easy, not very tasty dinner tonight. I used to love the Fray Bentos steak & kidney pie that came in a tin, they only had steak, bought one, frozen oven chips & a bag of frozen peas. A very convenient but not particularly enjoyable dinner. Back to my own cooking tomorrow.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday

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