By Kipsie

Lobelia tupa

The plant I got identified on Wednesday when I visited Torre Abbey Museum gardens. I would love to have this plant in my garden so may have to order seed from Plant World. I would never have guessed Lobelia.
Thank goodness we planned to visit Wednesday & not today, It is exactly what they forecast ....... wet & extremely windy. It was'nt quite so wild this morning when Ella & I went for our morning romp, is how i would best describe it. I'd swear her body has been replaced by a younger dog. We did a power walk down the pavement, crossed the road then hit the park where she was OFFFFF. Not off the lead, I'm not sure she's ever been off the lead when taken out as she is a bit, what shall we say, strong willed, bloody minded, disobedient. Take your pick. We are on the end of an extending lead so plenty of room for any jigging about or antics, and there was plenty of jigging about this morning. Love her!
We got back before the bad weather set in fortunately. I nipped over to pick up Josie, her car has gone in the garage & we'd planned a lino cutting day. Well, by the time we had put the world to rights, plus covered a couple of M.O.T destination possibilities it was lunch time and the art kit was still in the box. Lunch then get stuck in, & we did, Ella passing through occasionally on her way out into the garden. We managed to complete our exercise bar ink the cut. That will be tomorrow mornings activity I feel. I can't see this weather improving too much. I dropped Josie back to Paignton, getting back just gone cider o'clock. Caught the last 3 contestants on The Chase before making dinner. I brought some homemade frozen prawn & pork Gyoza that I needed to use, so made a delicious veggie broth with carrot, whole baby corn, butternut squash, broccoli, cauli, lemongrass, fresh ginger & garlic. Fried the dumplings and served together. Yummy!

I'm off to catch up on some tv programmes missed earlier in the week. Have a great weekend blippers :- )

Thank to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday

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