By Kipsie

A good pub dog

gets every little crumb from the bottom of the bag. Ella is not a pub frequenter so needed a little help, so funny watching her. At one point she just stood completely still with the bag wrapped around her muzzle. She is such a character. I had to turn the bag down for her to reach the bottom. She seemed to have her appetite back today, ate 2 cooked sausages but left the egg that I cooked for her. We got absolutely drenched on our walk, she was'nt bothered about the driving rain but I was attempting to keep my hood up which meant the rain creeping down the inside of my jacket sleeves. Driving rain when wearing glasses is a bit of a challenge. I had to grab her as we went in the door as she was offff .. I quickly threw the towel over her so she could'nt get away. She's not a fan of being dried, groomed or having her eyes cleaned. A canine nightmare!! She goes to the grooming parlour on a regular basis, but after 17 years still has to be muzzled. What a rascal!! I might have said that before. Silly really, as she was rubbing her eyes against my trouser leg, so the weepy stuff around her eyes was obviously uncomfortable. I think she's going for a spruce up this week coming.
Bag packed, bed stripped, tidy up done. I waited until a break in the strong wind & rain to make a dash to load my stuff in the car. That done I sat down and trimmed the lino cut I made yesterday before inking. I was quite pleased with the result. Josie sent me her inked & printed result in a message. Hers in red ink, mine black. A relatively lazy day today.
I headed home at 4pm after receiving a text from Nicky .. they were on their way back. Got home unloaded then quickly made a pasty on a tray .. quicker than crimping individuals, we ate it while watching tonight's episode of Strictly. More gossip in the tabloids, more drama on the dance floor ........ but who will go tomorrow night I wonder????.

Had to Google search Heinz tomato ketchup with chilli for hubby. All the time we spent in Thailand I ate meals containing chilli, not roof of the mouth burning hot mind, he would'nt eat any dishes with chilli in them. Now i can't eat any meals with chillli heat,  he wants it in every meal I make/we eat .... Nowt so queer as folk!!! We've been married nearly 39 years & he still baffles me.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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