By Kipsie

Tin of momentos

Including a hard coated seed with 'Corinto, NIC.G.A. 14.1.22' written on it in my Grandfathers hand, so I presume he landed there when he was in the British Navy. The seed case is ovoid, just under 1" in length, & self coloured with bands. Does that make sense? I can hear the seed inside if I shake it. There is also a very well worn 1826 George IV shilling, 1901 silver 3d, 1948, & 1966 Half Crowns, & 4 threepenny bits - 2 x 1931, 1944, & 1955. A Lange Ship Stores mother of pearl penknife. Then some of my bits - Game Captain, & House Captain badges from school, & 2 school cruise badges from the S.S."Uganda". Some of Grandad's & some of mine. Not sure why the coins are in there.
Morning in the garden, afternoon up in the "creative hub" having a sort .. A time wasting activity. I love looking through my "stuff". Stuff from travels, both abroad, the Teign estuary & around the lanes.  One day I hope to do something with it all. The Ikea cupboard will utter a big sigh of relief when I do. Staying focused on the job in hand, difficult. LOL!!

Strictly! Anyone watching..... thoughts?

Thanks to 60plus for hosting Mono Monday - Unfocussed A tricky challenge, & quite some time spent attempting to achieve an image worthy of blipping.

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