By Kipsie

Sunshine & blue skies

what a change after the past few days weather. Got a load f washing out on the whirlygig. Plenty of overhead traffic crisscrossing in the sky this morning. A trip to Newton Abbot was planned, hubby jibbed out so I took Mum. A friend had suggested Wilko's for off the pegs reading glasses. Bingo! Prior to that we had to get parked, first car park was chocka, the multi-storey was locked so hd to reverse down the ramp twanging my aerial. Ops! Plenty of space in the market car park. We discussed the makers of the lovely cream coloured brickwork on the main buildings, Mum seemed to think they were produced by Hexter & Humpherson who were brick makers in Kingsteignton. I need to do some more research. Some of the market buildings could disappear if plans go ahead to redevelop the market area, so I took a few photos before we headed off to the shops. Wilko's first stop, reading glasses .. bingo! I picked up some bulbs, a mixed pack of alliums, plus a pack of dwarf iris. Next stop The Works, I want to buy a craft cutting mat. I found a very helpful young member of staff took me to the mats .. A2 looked huge, no A4 on display, he went and checked out in the storeroom. None in stock but I could Click & Collect from home. Onto Asda, oh my......, so many people, I had a list, but not familiar with the store layout made it a tad fraught, but made it out again, next stop Sainsbury's. Hubby had sampled Heinz fiery chilli ketchup & liked it, a Google search resulted in Waitrose, & Sainsbury's being stockists, no Waitrose in the immediate area, so Sainsbury's it was. Note to self ... DO NOT GO SUPERMARKET SHOPPING ON A SUNDAY AGAIN. I should have learnt my lesson last week when I "nipped" in to Tesco's. Retail experience over, I dropped Mum home then back to Chudleigh. A very tasty smoked salmon & avo wholemeal roll for lunch, then I needed a walk. Hubby dropped me down by the slip road then I walked down to the weir, it's a lovely stretch of the river, unfortunately the A38 dual carriageway runs right alongside so there is constant noise pollution. I took some images of the weir itself then scrambled down over the bank to get a different angle. That's when I spotted the plastic bottle wedged between a rock and a tree branch. It had to stay there unfortunately, but I did collect a plastic car wheel hub cover, 2 plastic bottles, an aluminium can,  & what I think may have been part of a rusty car exhaust from along the river bank. I walked back up to  Chudleigh passing the new housing development taking shape. The abandoned nursery on the opposite side of the road looking very sad indeed. I think there may have been a site meeting there last week, so there could be work starting there too soon.
Roast pork, apple sauce, homemade herb, hazelnut, & apricot stuffing, carrots, braised celery, roast homegrown spuds, swede, sweet potato, plus homegrown runner beans & broad beans from the freezer.

Had an interesting break from writing my blip ... attempting to change the time on the oven clock. What a fiasco! ..................... & breathe.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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