Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Diffused Light

Almost 4 in the afternoon and I've scarcely moved from my spot on the sofa.  Woke up with a head feeling as if it was filled with explosives.  Almost certain that this is weather-related rather than a cold, but it sure has left me feeling crappy.  Not helped by relentless rains most of the day.

Anyway, I finally got out of my comfy spot on the sofa and grabbed the macro lens with diffuser attached and headed for MIL's old Singer sewing machine.  The room was sufficiently dim that I needed a flash so it was the perfect conditions to try out the new little diffuser.  I quickly spotted a nail with bobbins at the very back of the sewing table and ...snap, snap...blip done.  I have made only a few very minor adjustments to this and downsized the image (at 16.5, it was too big for Blip).  And, yes, that's dust you see.  My story is that it lends to the authenticity of these old bobbins.  

And I am now retreating back to my spot on the sofa.  


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