Norwich Cathedral

I've blipped from this angle before, but it looked so good with the contrasting bright green and pale blue I had to take a picture. It was during a nice long lunchtime walk with the fit club,, which took us along King Street to Riverside, then back along the river all the way back to the office. 3.6k my phone said.

My head is still very painful so I'm hoping to get home early with my blip done and an evening in front of the telly to watch the final of the GBBO.

Almost at my stop, so first part sorted. No time to tell you that I, impulsively, bought a single ticket (for myself) to see Cliff Richard next October in his 80th birthday tour. It's something I've always wanted to do, and I decided it was probably my last chance. Jon says he will escort me, then sit in a pub - it's at the Royal Albert Hall and there were hardly any tickets left so I'm right at the back, next to the restricted view area!!! I'll still be able to hear him though!!

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