By hazelh

Dolly the sheep

I was up at the crack of dawn to switch on my computer, make the finishing touches to the grant proposal that I have been working on over the past couple of weeks, and upload it to the funders for review. I've submitted it early because my calendar is so packed tomorrow/the rest of the week/month/year/forevermore!

The deed done (on a day when I am not supposed to be working), I took a break this afternoon to wander up to the museum with Mr hazelh. He tempted me out with the promise of a talk on Phoebe Anna Traquair. However, he'd misread the schedule of talks on the web site. (I suppose this makes a change from miscalculating cycle ride distances/terrains...)

Instead we joined a tour entitled 'Edinburgh's heritage in 9 objects'. It ended with Dolly the sheep (blipped). By happy coincidence the woman who runs the Traquair tour was in the group today and we have arranged a private date with her for my birthday treat next year :-)

Back home again, back to the email - and waiting up late for the arrival of our nephew on a delayed train from London. He has a job interview in Stirling in the morning. Fingers crossed.

Exercise today: 30 minutes on the exercise bike; walking (11,137 steps).

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