By ExtraTime

An Unlikely Point of View

We went down to Ocean Terminal after singing, for a bit of food shopping and to see an exhibition of landscape photographs. As usual we parked at the top of the multi-story, and I happened to have my telephoto lens in the car. So I took the opportunity to take some shots from this excellent vantage point. The only drawback is that I had to stand on tiptoe to see over the wall. TM suggested hoisting me up a bit, but I really don't like heights, so I declined ... This is the summit of Calton Hill with all the various monuments that have mustered there.

We didn't manage to find the exhibition, but we did come across the Little Shop of Memory, and spent a happy half hour looking at the extraordinary collection of - well, everything local and domestic from the 20th century - from pianos to pill boxes, school exercise books to shoes. It's part of a project to bring people together to share reminiscences and experiences. 

An evening of dancing ahead, time to collect my wits for that.

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