If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Lookie Grannie

What every well dressed 6 year old scooterist is wearing this season!  This is Emily showing Grannie and Granddad the scootery they had bought her for her birthday.  The pink frilly skirt is a bit of fun Grannie bought her (among other things) for her last birthday.  It seems she loves it and often wears it round the house when playing.  Apologies for the colour balance, my camera had been set for Pentax PEF files rather than the raw DNGs I usually use.  Not having software to handle PEFs I have had to work with JPGs and to make things worse the white balance had somehow been changed as well.

The other major activity for the day was a visit to Millhouses Part where both of them scootered around.  Somehow the open air Gym intended for adults running in the park attracts more children than adults.  Being their half term the park was heaving.  Sheffield is so lucky to have all the great parks with something for everyone.

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